Monday, January 6, 2014

Text Dependent Questions!

Today was our first day back from break.  It always amazes me how fast that two weeks at Christmas goes by.  This morning I did another inservice for seven of our area schools on text dependent questions.  I started off by showing this funny little video clip.  My kids crack up at these and I wasn't surprised that the teachers did as well.  Take a minute to look at it:

So now you completely understand what and where to find text dependent questions and NO they can't watch a movie!  : )

As I've posted before I LOVE ANCHOR CHARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here are some of the charts that I made for the inservice so that the teachers could copy them for their classrooms.

So now that we all had a better understanding of what digging deeper into the text was, it was time to look at my plan to make this happen in my classroom.  Here is how my kids and I will tackle some texts this month.  
Then we talked about what type of questions are really text dependent.  Having the kids site the evidence from the story to "prove" their answers is a really big shift for us with Common Core.  I use a ring of cards to make sure that they are text dependent.  Click on the picture to see more of the packet in my TPT store.

Don't forget to download my latest freebie to get your week started off with some writing about 2014! Click on the picture to download it.

Well they have already called school off for tomorrow since it is so so so so COLD, but the teachers still have to go. 

Please check back over the weekend for a new freebie!  A teacher at the inservice had a great idea and asked if I could put it together for an anchor chart!  You won't be disappointed!

Happy Teaching!