Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Time to start planning for 2014!

Today I started working on my plans for January!  I will be having a student teacher join me, so time to get super ORGANIZED!   

I always like to start off with having the kids do some writing about their New Year resolutions.  I am always amazed at the number of kids that have no idea what a resolution is.  Once they learn how to use the word, they try so hard to get that "BIG" word in every sentence they can. 

We are going to start out by focusing on some resolutions for school and some for home.  I am hoping that we will get two or three solid paragraphs out of this.  I made some fun writing paper for us to publish them on.  Once we finish them, I will add them to the hall display.  When we take them down, we will put them in our writing portfolios.  I like to have the kids bring them out at the end of grading period to see how we are doing on meeting those resolutions. 

I keep all of the kids writing and projects in portfolios.  We used manila folders that we decorated.  I put them in a giant plastic tub.  As we complete things to put in them, I just drop the stack of papers in the tub.  About once a month, we get them out and look at them.  I have a few kids pass out the things that haven't been put into the folders yet, while they talk with their table about how much progress they have made.  At the end of the year, we take them home.  It's a really great way to end the year and the kids have something special to take home.  If you haven't start portfolios for your kiddos yet, it is never to late!  You can do one starting in 2014!   

My 2014 New Year writing paper is my newest freebie.  Click on the picture to download the file so that you can get a jump start on your plans.

I hope that this helps you get started in 2014!

Happy Teaching!