Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fun with Polygons and Comparing Fractions!

We took a little break from fractions to revisit polygons last week.  First, we created an anchor chart about polygons to revisit the concept.  Then, I gave the kids pieces of yarn and they used Elmer's glue to draw a shape and cover it with yarn.  When I came up with the idea it seemed really easy, but it took us a bit of trial and error to get the yarn stuck to the paper.  This was a case where more glue was something I encouraged!  Didn't think I would ever tell them that!  We didn't do really well with spelling, but sometimes it happens.   Try this out for a quick review of polygons!  The kids loved it!

We are back working on comparing fractions next week.  We love to play SCOOT in my class.  If you haven't ever played before, you have to try it out!  Before class, you post cards with questions around the classroom.  Each card has a number on it and the kids read it and come up with an answer.  They write the answer on their answer sheet.  When it looks like most of the kids have finished, you say SCOOT!  Then, they move to the next card.  They keep moving until they have answered all of the questions.

I like to have 20 cards for a game.  I pair the kids up with a partner and have them all pick a place to start.  I encourage the kids to talk through the problem before they write down their answer.  My kids love it!  It gets them up and moving and they usually do great on the problems!

Here is my latest SCOOT game!  Click on the picture to see a sample of the game.  Once you start playing SCOOT with your kids, they will beg you to play it all the time!

Happy Teaching!