Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chocolate Cookie Digs!

We had the BEST time in science!  I have a wonderful student teacher this semester and his lesson yesterday ROCKED!  We have been working on identifying evidence that something living had been
there before.  So he came up with a fun fossil lesson.  He filled a plastic tub with sand and chocolate chip cookies.  The kids dug into the tub to "excavate" their rock cookie. 

Once they had their cookies, the had to dig out the chocolate chip "fossils" like real archaeologists do.  They used toothpicks and slow but surely found that getting the chocolate chips out without any cookie or sand on it was harder than they thought.

The activity took about 20 minutes and was so much fun!  We warned them not to eat the cookie and rewarded them all with a new cookie to munch on after we finished.  The student that found the most fossils got an extra cookie!  If you try this make sure that you use soft cookies, not the hard ones. 

All in all it was a great lesson and the kids LOVED IT!

Happy Teaching!