Monday, July 13, 2015

Viva Las Vegas! What a GREAT we are having!

I'm still in Vegas...  for a few more days for some family fun!  I've joined up with a ton of other people from the conference to let you take a little look into what we did! 

We arrived a few days early and went to CA!  We saw the ocean and a Dodgers game.  My son is a huge Dodgers fan and even got to meet some of his favorite players before the game.  He smiled for hours!

Even though my husband is a HUGE Pittsburgh Pirate fan, he couldn't resist the urge to wear his teams' shirt to the game....  GEEZ!

We even had some time to see the beach while we were there!  It was beautiful!

Now it was time for some TPT fun!  Nothing is louder than a room full of TPT bloggers when they are giving away $55,000 worth of prizes.  AND NO!  I didn't win anything, but met so many fantastic bloggers and had a great time!

I did have the pleasure to meet a TN blogger, teacher, and TPT author....  Kindergarten Smorgasboard!  He was as wonderful in person as I had thought and I am so glad I was able to find him in this huge room full of people!  He even sent me home with some things to give my teacher friends!

This was my mind during the conference!  Blowing up with new apps, ideas, and excitement.   Just kidding... it was the Bellagio Water Fountain!  But I did feel like this during the conference!

I took tons of notes, pictures, and downloaded new apps as fast as the presenter told us about different things.  Here are my big take aways!

1.  TPT is amazing!  I think you might have already known that!
2.  Continue to make quality products and your business will grow.
3.  Pinterest is still a good way to find new ideas and products. 
4.  Set aside a specific work time for TPT each day.  While it was funny to hear that people do that at 5am before school, I think I will look more at evening hours!  Mornings just aren't for me.
5.  Find your TPT Tribe!  This is a group of TPT authors that you can work with on projects, blog hops, and everything else.  I am making this a priority.  Don't wait for someone to ask you to join them, do the asking! 

The most important thing....

Family is important!  Don't let TPT take over your life! 

So I'm spending the last few days in Vegas doing just that!  Shows, dinners, pool time, and shopping with my boys! 

Totally unforgettable show!  What energy these people have!

Sometimes a kid just doesn't want to shop, but as soon as you buy him something his mood sure changes fast!


The conference was incredible and I learned so much.  So many new ideas and products already in the works. 

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Happy Teaching!
Enjoy your family!