Friday, July 3, 2015

The next TPT Challenge!

The next TPT Challenge was to complete your masterpiece.  I am always looking for more non-fiction text to use with my class.  In a perfect world the text and writing would come together.   Everything that I have is either the reading or the writing, not together.  So I decided that my masterpiece would be to create a series of packets that does just that!  So let the creation begin....

Animals on the Loose!
Reading with Text Dependent Questions!

Each packet features 5 different animals with reading and writing for each.
The first page is the reading and text dependent questions.
The next two pages help the kids focus in on writing about the animal using information from the text.

Packet #1 is complete and #2 is almost ready.  My thought was that I would use one packet each month with my kiddos.

Here is a preview of the packet.  It will be on SALE in my TPT store for the July 4th weekend!

Well folks....  I am all packed and off for Vegas in the morning!  Time for a little family fun before the TPT conference!  

Have a wonderful weekend!