Sunday, July 19, 2015

Time to get 2015-16 off to a BRIGHT START!

This weekend was devoted to getting ready for 2015-16!  I can't believe that the summer is already over and in 2 short weeks I will be back in school.

Friday my teaching BBF and I made some lists and did that ever popular trip to shop for our new little friends!  I didn't know it was possible to spend almost $100 at the Dollar Tree, but we did just that.  I don't think we are good shopping together because our answer always is....  WE NEED THAT!  We got lots of new plastic bins, stickers, trays, and enough clothes pins to keep everything together.   We also hit Cost Co for new pencil sharpeners (only $15 bucks!), a giant collection of Sharpies ($20), and a case page protectors ($8 for 250).  We hit a bunch of other stores and have lots of new goodies to start the year off!  Best of all we got to giggle and laugh about the year to come!  I love my teaching BBF!

This little shopping trip got me in school spirit and I finally have crossed off something on my TO DO list that has been on there for 2 years!

I have always wanted to organize my "stuff" into specific weeks.  Then all I need to do is pull the folder and my copies, games, homework, and task cards would all be in it!  Sounds like a great idea and I finally made it happen.

I took all of the bins that I had things in from this year and began the sort.  I threw a bunch of stuff away and was left with this mess.   I kept all of the things that I really liked and think the kids got a lot out of.   Here was that "organized" mess and the husband just walked in and said, "Oh no!  Here we go!  I'm going to take the dog for a long walk!"  Can't believe he didn't want to help!

I spent today taking all of that stuff and organizing it into folders for each week of the year.  I wrote the weekly story and all the skills for ELA and math on the outside of the folder.  I put each set of task cards in a ziplock bag.  I did the same thing for games and tracers for projects.

After many hours I am happy to report that I am organized and ready for a GREAT YEAR!  Here are my new files, ready to move into my classroom file cabinet tomorrow!

I have such a feeling of accomplishment!  This was something that I had wanted to do forever and just never made myself do it!  I'm so excited with how much easier things will be this year!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!
Happy Teaching!