Sunday, February 9, 2014

Searching for Facts and Opinions!

We worked really hard this week understanding facts and opinions.

I decided that if I focused a lot of time on facts, then they should be able to pick facts and opinions out a little easier.  We did several close readings and picked out facts that were interesting to us.  We started working on a research project about something they liked in the encyclopedia.  They made lists of facts from the entry in their encyclopedia.  I did this part during reading groups so I could give them lots of one on one help.  They are working on turning these facts into a good paragraph.

I also put together a packet on facts and opinions that the kids really enjoyed.  It has anchor charts, cut and paste activities, games, writing activity, and an assessment.  We have finished working through everything but the assessment.  I have a few friends that are still struggling and I wanted to work with them a little on Monday and Tuesday before we test.  Here is a picture of the activities.  You can click on it to go to my TPT store.

We were suppose to get a bunch of snow in Memphis tomorrow and Tuesday, but as usual now they say we aren't going to get it.  So I'm off to do one last SNOW DANCE before bed in hopes I can change the forces of nature so we get some SNOW!

Happy Teaching!