Thursday, February 6, 2014

A Busy Week!

I can't believe it is Thursday already!  One week of February is already over.  Spring break is right around the corner.  OK... maybe not.

We are still working on fractions.  I wanted to share some pictures of a great lesson we did on putting fractions on a number line to see how they are equivalent.  I made an anchor chart while the students made their own charts.  Here is a picture of mine.

Before you make the chart, fold the paper ahead of time.  You need nine equal sections length wise.   Folding it really helps the kids space things correctly and make it neat.

To make the chart with the kids I had them get out a red, a blue, and  a green crayon before we started. We put the title on the top and then start working from the bottom.   We labeled the eighths first - go one at a time.  Then, we talked about how fourths could be equal to eighths and we labeled them with our blue crayon.  Next, we added the halves.  The last step was to talk about how each part would "jump" on the number line.   Doing this part really helped them understand that 2/8 stops in the same spot as 1/4.  We practiced the "jumps" and they loved it!

Here is one of my kiddos chart.  She was so excited that I took a picture of it.

Then we used our favorite.... TURN AND TALK.

Which is bigger 2/8 or 3/4?  They took turns asking each other questions.  They used their charts to answer their buddies questions.

For homework, I asked them to take the charts home and play teacher with their parents.  I heard from two parents that said they finally understood how a fraction and number line went together!

How many times do we have to review editing sentences?  EVERYDAY!  We wanted to think of an acronym for the kids to remember the different things to look for when editing sentences.  An amazing teacher in fourth grade shared her secret....

We all copied it down and practiced using it with some sentences.  We have the worst time picking out the sentence is that is incorrect from a list.  I'm hoping this will help.

We are getting ready to work on prefixes again.  Here is a preview of one of the packets that I made over the summer to help the kids get practice this important skill again.  It is really easy to use and has teacher suggestions to use it in your classroom.  It has anchor charts, flipbooks, printables, and games. You can click on the picture to take a look at it in my TPT store.

I hope everyone is staying warm!

Happy Teaching!