Monday, March 10, 2014

Dr.Seuss Fun!

Well all of the ice and snow kept us out of school for several days and we missed Dr. Seuss Week!  I was so disappointed, but we are planning to do it when we get back from spring break.  A little late, but still will be so much fun!

We did get one project done before the snow hit.

Writing is always part of everything we do.  This year I have made it a real priority to make sure that we write at least once each day.  I gave each student an outline of the hat.  We looked a different Dr. Seuss books and brainstormed what we saw.  Bright colors, crazy designs, bold stripes, and everything else they could think of.  For homework they decorated their hat anyway they wanted and wrote a paragraph to describe it.  They couldn't put their name anywhere on it and they turned it in a manila folder so no one had any idea who designed which hat.  While they kids were at music, we hung all of the hats in the hall.  We took turns reading different descriptions and the kids had two guesses to try and pick which hat belonged with it.  WHAT FUN!  The smiles on their faces when they heard all of positive comments about their hat were priceless!  

We gave away two prizes.  The criteria was simple....  the hat and the description went together.  One of my students actually took it a step further.  She wrote her paragraph in somewhat of a Dr. Suess form.  It was so cute!  Here are some up close pictures of the hats.  

This was the best activity that I have ever done for Dr. Seuss.  It's a KEEPER for years to come!

Happy Teaching!