Sunday, November 6, 2016

Open House Success

Open House came out from NO WHERE!  All the sudden I flipped my calendar page and there it was!

How did that happen?  I always feel like I am scrambling to get ready, but not this year!  I had planned a little better and learned from my past mistakes!

Since I use flexible seating the kids don't have a desk, so I set up some stations that they could visit with their parents.

We had just made a really cute book to sort asking and telling sentences with our Rooted in Reading story the past week.  The kids just loved sorting them, so I figured that would be a great activity for them to do with their families.  It was amazing to watch them interact with their families.  

We also had our reading/writing notebooks on display.  This has been a labor of love for us this year. We have really worked hard to putting good quality work into our foldables.  The parents especially loved seeing their hard work in action.

This year I have saved all of the great work we do each week and kept them in a manila folder for each child.  At the end of the year the kids will have this enormous folder of their second grade year to keep forever.  So many of the parents were excited to hear that all of these masterpieces would be coming home in May.  The kids reactions to seeing all their work made it worthwhile.  They sat with their families in a flexible seating option and shared everything in their folders.  I heard so many parents compliment their writing and their directed drawings that we have been doing!  Having them get positive feedback from their parents was worth a MILLION DOLLARS!

Hands down the best part of the night was GO NODDLE!  (Can you believe I didn't even get a picture?)  I set the computer up on my screen and the kids could select a GoNoodle to do with their families.  They LOVED it!  I was amazed at the kids ability to use the computer and encourage their families to join in with them.  Watching them dance and laugh with their parents was spectacular!

So this year..... NO STRESS!  No last minute coloring and gluing!  

It was so wonderful that I know this is what I will do for years to come!  

Happy Teaching!