Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Double Digit Regrouping!

Oh it is TIME!!!!!!!!!!

Time to teach one of my favorite things in WORLD!


Serious.....  it truly is.  It might be one of the toughest things for the kids to master and the struggle is REAL!  But I love teaching the concept.

We just started this past week and this year I didn't use my old base ten blocks.  We broke out bags of pretzels and marshmallows!  Much better choice if you ask the kids.

Everyone got a bunch of pretzel sticks and tiny marshmallows.  First, we organized our treats.

Then we talked about how these would help us model our new skill.  It was important that the kids understood that these are non-proportional models.  To show that these were non-proportional models we talked about how we know that a pretzel stick is equal to 10 and a marshmallow is equal to 1.  We lined them up to show that they are not proportional like the base-ten blocks.   

                To throw in some measurement I asked them to estimate how many pretzel sticks 
                                          they think would equal 10 marshmallows.  TWO!  
                                          Why not hit another standard while we were at it!     

We started by modeling a problem on our paper.  
This was a hit!  The kids were totally engaged!  
Then, we traded out 10 marshmallows for a pretzel stick. 

The last step was to draw a model of what we did. 

We practiced three together as a whole class and they did fantastic.

Now it was their turn.  I put the problem on the board and they had to create their "food" model, trade for a ten, and then draw the model in their notebooks.

It was a SUCCESS!  The kids loved it and everyone completely got the concept!

This lesson took HALF the time as my starter lesson did last year.  The best part is that we understood the concept so much better than we have in the past.

Lesson learned.....  add more food to our math lessons!

Give this a try.  Even if you have already started this unit.  You and your kids will be glad you did!

Happy Teaching!