Sunday, February 15, 2015

Will it SNOW?

Well Memphis is suppose to get a little ice and maybe some snow!  For those of you who don't live around here....  SNOW is the end of the world for people here.  I grew up in New York so snow isn't a big deal to me, but for the majority of people here they MUST go to the grocery store to get milk and bread!  Cracks me up!  So I decided to stay home today and create some new things for my class and pull out some old things that I haven't used yet this year.

The first one is a version of my favorite math fluency game....  BUMP!  If you haven't played BUMP with your kids, you are missing a good time.  All you need is a game board, cubes, and dice.  I made this board last year and totally forgot about it.  It is a FREEBIE in my TPT store.  Click on the picture to download it.  It is a great activity for early finishers or you can use it with the whole class.

I made a bunch of copies of the game and laminated them to use during math centers this week.  I know I have them somewhere in my classroom, but today was a day to make things!  

I wanted to show you some pictures of something that just came to me during our fraction unit.  Did you know how great a red Solo cup was?  Well let me tell you....  We were struggling with fractional parts of the circles.  I walked over to my table to get a drink of Diet Pepsi while we were working on fractions and it came to me!  Use the red Solo cups as tracers!  Normally these cups sole purpose are for Mrs. Smith's drink with lots of ice.  Not anymore!  Problem solved.  The kids circles were the same size and it was so much easier to help them divide and shade into fractions!  Here are some pictures of the cups in action.  Isn't it funny how you think something will be so easy and then while the kids are struggling and you are about to bang your head against the wall an idea comes to you!  Now don't get me wrong, they aren't always a good idea but this one was!  Why I can't think of these things before is a mystery to me.  

Here are some of the kiddos working on fractions with their perfect circles!

Made things so much easier!  So having Solo cups is a much needed item for any fraction unit.  

Well I better get back to making things for centers this week!  

I've got my fingers crossed for some Memphis SNOW!

Happy Teaching!