Friday, February 13, 2015

The Joys of an Inservice Day!

Today was a district learning day for us!  Some of the joys......

1.  Bringing everyone on my grade level Chick-fil-A!  Another team teacher brought Sonic drinks.  Our day was off to a great start!  It is so funny how a little food makes teachers so happy!

2.  Finding out that I was doing lots of things RIGHT!  GOLD STAR FOR ME!  Sometimes it is just nice to know that you are doing things right.  What I think I love the most is when another teacher is talking about something they are doing in their classroom that is working for them and you think I'm doing it in my classroom too!  And YES it is working.  It gives you the motivation to keep doing it because you know it is working and now you have heard from someone else that thinks it is working also!

3.  Lunch out like a real grown-up!  We ate so fast that we had tons of time to sit and chat since we had an hour for lunch.  I think that no matter what the situation teacher eats fast.  I learned a few new things about my teammates and we had a bunch of laughs!

4.  Learned about a book that I must read...  Teach Like a Champion.  I just ordered it on Amazon.  We had a presentation on parts of it and it was interesting.  It had a lot of different questioning ideas and who can't use some more ideas to make our questioning even better!  I just finished the last Alex Cross book, so time to read something professional.

My school was assigned to do a presentation on phonics.  Well phonics is certainly not what this TN Core Math coach is strong at, but I figured why not give it a try.  So I turned to my favorite place.... PINTEREST to find the best ideas I could that teachers could actually use without spending a lot of money.  Here are some of my favorites that I will be using in the classroom in the next two months to prepare for SAT10 testing.  You can click the picture to go directly to source where I found these AMAZING IDEAS!

I love this sorting game.  It is so much better than anything I already have because not only is it for long and short vowels, it has a set that doesn't belong in either category.  Great for my higher level kids that are so used to things being easy.

Here is another fantastic idea that hits so many different skills and brings a personal connection for the kids.  We will pick a name from a hat each day right before the test to help us get some extra review in on syllables and phonemes.  You could segmenting, name another word that has the same vowel sound you hear in the middle of their name, or anything else you need practice on.  How much fun will the kids have with this great idea?

Teaching prefix and suffix is always a tough skill for kiddos.  I made these last year before testing time and they really got a lot out of the activity.  You make rainbows focusing on either prefix and suffix.  

So that is some of my favorite activities from my presentation today.  Please click on the pictures to go to the amazing teachers that came up with these ideas.  I don't think I have ever tried searching for something on Pinterest that I can't find 10 things that I would love to do with my kids!  Please feel free to share your favorite phonics ideas in the comments.   

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Happy Teaching!