Sunday, October 23, 2016

Place Value Success

I can't believe that the first nine weeks is already come and GONE!

We spent a huge chunk of our math instruction this month building a solid sense of place value.  I wanted the kids to truly understand that 738 is more than just a 3 digit number.  We pulled numbers apart and wrote about them.  

We broke them down into charts with how much each digit was worth and drew the base ten blocks.

We counted the single units in a bunch of ten rods.

We worked in small groups to see exactly how many 10 flats it would take to equal 1,000.

They couldn't believe that it was 10!  They said of course 10 is a friendly number!  I love when they make those connections.

One of the games we played was Race to 100.  They use a pair of dice and rolled them.  Then they have to color in that many spaces on their 100 board.  You have to color 100 exactly to win.  The challenge is figuring out which dice you want for which place.  After a couple of rounds the kids figured out that you have to really think before you decide.  We had lots of games that had to keep rolling and rolling to finally get a WINNER!


Some of the kids got so good at the game we added 20 more to the board and did Race to 120.  This time they not only could use the dice and make a two-digit number, but they could also pick to add the two together.  This third option made them really think and they begged to play it during their free time! That made me so happy.

We spent so much time on place value that I am convinced that is why they are doing so well with mentally adding/subtracting 10 and 100 from the a number.  Time well spent on place value is paying off with our new skill!  HAPPY TEACHER DANCE!

We just finished Fall BREAK!  My son was super busy with basketball practice, so we only got away for one day.  We went to Union City, TN to the Discovery Park of America. What a treat!  They had a pioneer village, old fancy cars, a huge area with military items, an earthquake simulation, dinosaurs, and almost everything under the sun.  

One of my favorite things was the maze that they had.  I was able to go up in the tower and watch them run through it over and over.  

Who would have thought a 14 year old would be so excited about the water play area!

So if you are ever in Union City, check this place out!  Loads of fun and we certainly will be back!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!