Friday, August 5, 2016

Amazing Inservice and a Special Thanks to some TPT Sellers!

We finished our work week today!  There is no other word for it.....  TIRED!

Setting up my classroom, Teacher Visit Day, leading two inservice sessions, and somehow finding time to feed my son and get him to football.  Not going to lie....  hubby did a TON this week!

The last thing a teacher wants is a meeting during work week!  It is brutal and all you can think about is the million things you have to get done in your classroom.

I found myself presenting twice this week.  I knew they didn't want me wasting their time and I knew EXACTLY what they would be thinking.


I did one presentation on Numeracy to PK-2 teachers in my building.  I love MATH and I could talk about it forever!  But they didn't want me to talk forever, I can assure of that!

We talked about what we thought numeracy means and they worked in groups show their ideas.  They did great!

Here are a few pictures of them!

I talked about one of my favorite strategies for math.  It is called My Favorite NO!  Take a second to look at her video.  It is an 8th grade class, but I was able to use the same concept with my second graders and they LOVE it!

Give it a try and you will be HOOKED!

Here is another video clip of some other games that are so much fun!  I taught my class how to play and we played them as a group.  Once they got the hang of it, I put them in centers and the kids played almost everyday!

The second presentation I did was for all of the second grade teachers in our district.  We worked together to create a CFA that we will all give online and come back together in September to discuss the results.   Everyone was busy learning the computer program that we will use!

The best part of my inservice presentations were the GIVEAWAYS!  I always do little prizes, but this time I wanted to go BIG or go HOME!  So I reached out to some TPT authors and asked for some donations that I could give away to the teachers.  I thought I might get about 5 or 6.....WRONG!  Can I say that 38 different products were donated by these AWESOME sellers!  The teachers were so excited!  Who wouldn't be!

Please visit these AMAZING sellers and see the adorable things they have created.  I have to admit I found several things to buy for this year!







I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

To those starting school on Monday like me.....

Have a fantastic first day!

Happy Teaching!