Saturday, March 26, 2016

Celebrating Easter with a SALE and a Mental Math FLASH FREEBIE!

I hope everyone is enjoying a relaxing weekend with friends and family!

One of my goals this year was to sharpen our mental math skills.  Throughout the day I ask crazy mental math questions...

What is 20 plus 40.  Now subtract 8.  What is the number?

We make it a contest, first kid with their hand up gets a chance.  First right answer gets something.... but they don't know what.  Sometimes it is a high-five, or moving their clip up, a fancy eraser, or a treat.   They don't know and that is the fun of it!

At first it was HARD....  we had some tears, but we have kept on it and overall we are all getting better at it.   Can I say perseverance!

We have been off this past week, so I thought what better way to start back on Monday...  a game of SCOOT!  Mental math challenge!

I just finished these task cards today and to celebrate the holiday weekend, they will be a FLASH FREEBIE today.  Just click on the picture to download them from my TPT store!  Please leave feedback when you have a chance.

I made this set printer-friendly to save on colored ink.  I just ran mine on colored copy paper and they look great.  My number #1 helper is laminating them for me as I type.  What a good kid he is....  I guess he is hoping the Easter Bunny is good to him tomorrow.  

I also have a few kiddos that are extremely advanced in math.  I love to give them an extra challenge, so I made another set that uses simple multiplication and division as well as the addition and subtraction.  When I use 2 sets of cards so I can differentiate better, I just make them different colors and the kids know which set they follow.  This group follows the blue cards and this group follows the pink cards.

Here is a hardest page from the "challenging" pack.

I am joining in with a BUNCH of other TPT sellers for a special sale tomorrow!  No codes are needed. Just click and BUY!  You can search for sellers that are having a sale by using #eastersale!

Happy Shopping!