Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Teaching Reading Strategies!

We have been working really hard on using solid reading strategies.  I wanted to find something to use with any fiction text we read and also be able to use it with some non-fiction as well.  After searching Pinterest and TPT, I couldn't find something that had all of the strategies that I know my kids need to be able to use when they read.  So over the last few months I have been working here and there on my newest product.  Here it is!

It includes a section to cover the following reading strategies:
1.  Predicting
2.  Asking Questions
3.  Making Connections
4.  Inferring 
5.  Monitor and Clarify
6.  Visualizing
7.  Evaluating Text
8.  Summarizing 

Each section starts off with an anchor chart.  You can print or project it.  What I love about it is that the kids know exactly what they are trying to learn.  

The next part is teacher questions that focus on the reading strategy.  Print these off and put them on a ring to use over and over again.  It is also great to make a set for the kids to use when they are talking with each other about the text.

This is one of my favorite foldables.  It makes a long accordion when you put it together.  This look so cute on desks or on a table.

This is one of activities that is easy to differentiate for your class.  It has two levels and even a blank flower so kids can pick their own words.

I love to give the kids bookmarks while we learn.  Each section has bookmark to remind the kids of the reading strategy.  We tape them to our desks and then after we finish learning about the strategy, we put them in our binders so we can refer to them again.

So that is a peek into my latest product.  I hope you love it as much as I do!  Click on any of the pictures to see more of the pages in this product.

Happy Teaching!