Monday, August 26, 2013

Accountable Talk is Live and in ACTION!

My class and I have been working really hard for the past two weeks on using Accountable Talk.  We started small with Turn and Talk.  I assigned each kid a partner for the week, a student that was right next to them.  During our instruction, I ask the kids to "Turn and Talk about....  ".  At first it was a slow, slow start up a giant hill, but now they are getting so much better at it.  Then we added Accountable Talk, or AT, to the mix.  It is so fun to hear the kids say, "I disagree with her because I think that....." or "I'm wondering if.....".  We use it for all of the subjects and they really enjoy it.  Here is a picture of the chart we made as a class to help us remember some of the starters when we get stuck. 
If you aren't using Accountable Talk or Turn and Talk in your classroom, give it a try!  Once you start doing it you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner!

Have a great week!